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Who we are

If you’re looking for a top quality plastering company in Melbourne, you’ve made a great start by visiting us. Coburg Plasterers is a local company specialising in all plastering industry matters. Our qualified team is on-hand to take on any project you have in front of you, no matter how big or small. There’s no need to set out on a DIY journey from hell. Have a chat with our professionals and let us take the stress away from the job at hand. We are sure to find the right person for the job and we would be happy to accommodate the work around your needs and budget. So whether you need emergency repairs, renovation projects or building development work, make Coburg Plasterers your first point-of-contact. [skomfare2_modal_popup id="308"]

Clients Testimonials
  • “We were stressed about finding good solid plasterers Melbourne-side. Having recently moved here, we needed to find professional plasterers for our renovated restaurant. The job in question needed to be ticked off as quickly as possible so we could get into business as soon as possible. Not only is the job Coburg Plasterers completed fantastic, it was done on time, within the budget and without a hiccup. Would absolutely recommend. We were so happy with the team at Coburg Plasterers and will be using them again soon for a home project as well.”
  • “We had multiple repairs that needed addressing in our heritage home, some solid plastering work and a few patch-up jobs that needed specialist attention. Coburg Plasterers were great right from the very beginning. We had contacted a couple of companies but Coburg Plasterers offered a tailored quote (which was bang-on accurate) and they really spent the time assessing the project in depth. All up, they were friendly, professional and got the job done to the standard we hoped for. Highly recommended- so glad we got in touch with the team.”